Treat Facial palsy by sujok Therapy

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Treat Facial palsy by sujok Therapy

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This is a condition in which there is a lesion of the facial nerve and resultant paralysis in the muscles that it supplies.
The main muscles affected are:   Occipitofrontalis,Orbicularis oculi,Corrugator and procerus,Zygomaticus major and minor,levator anguli oris,levator labii superioris,Buccinator,Orbicularis oris, Risorious,Depressor anguli oris and depressor labii inferioris and mentalis.

The cause is unknown.It can occur at any age and is not gender specific.

This is often sudden.The patient may have a history of earache or of having been in a draught.Often the patient wakes up with the paralysis,having been perfectly normal the night before.

The facial nerve becomea swollen and hyperamic within the facial canal,in which there is limited space.The nerve rapidly becomes compressed and conductivity is lost

1.Loss of facial expression
2.Drooping of the lower eyelid,eyebrow and corner of      the mouth sag
3.Closing of eye is difficult
4.Eating is difficult because food collects in the side of   the cheek and fluids seep out of the corner of mouth
5.Speaking,whistling and drinking are impaired
6.non-verbal communication is lost as the patient cannot register pleasure,laughter,surprise,interest and worry.

1.Zone Sujok ki – V1 or V7
Immediate effect is seen in the movement of eye lid
2. Six ki- St meridian covers most parts of the face and as per six ki classification of 12 cranial nerves  Facial nerve comes under Ah humidity. So we selected St meridian for treatment. Paralysis is due to excessive coldness energy. So treatment given was coldness sedation hotness tonification in St meridian.

1.Mr R.Karniwal age 74 yrs was suffering from Rt side facial palsy from 3 weeks. With in less than 30 sec improvement was seen in movement of eye lid by applying magnet in V7. Patient was advised to apply magnet daily for 2 hrs.Six ki treatment was given on alternative days. In 8 sitting patient was 100% cured.

2. Master Md Aslam age 11 yrs was suffering from left side facial palsy frm 1 week. In this case also immediate effect was seen in the movement of eye lid by applying magnet on V1. Same six ki treatment was given and we got 90% results in just 4 sitting.

3. Mr Ranjit Mondal age 23yrs was suffering from left side facial palsy frm 6 months due to multiple infracts in brain. Same treatment was given and in 15 sitting patient was 100% cured.

Smile thanks to Prof Park for developing a wonderful therapy.


Sumon Sarkar

09/12/2017 at 11:57 pm

Respected sir, I am suffering from bell’s palsy for last 25 years.Now i am 34 years old. I took homeopathic and allopathy medicines but did not get any positive result.I want to treatment from your institute. Can it be possible?

    Ajay Singh

    11/12/2017 at 9:18 pm

    Yes it can be cured.


16/10/2018 at 10:25 am

Very nice blog. Very well explained and it is really helpful for most of us. Thank you

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