Learn smile meditation and achieve realization of wondrous smile world

Smile Meditation

It is so easy, comfortable and fast to get into the common channel to obtain eternal Origin Smile that everybody can join in this smile meditation to upgrade his or her life quality and to change his or her suffering life to smile life

(Prof. Park Jae Woo, in his lecture on Smile Meditation)

Sam Won Dong

Philosophy of Samwondong

Samwondong is performed with Smile Spirit because Smile is the essence of the Existence Spirit and the perfection itself. Because HE is perfect, so we are as HIS sons and daughters. But still we want to be perfect to become one with HIM and Samwondong is performed to achieve this objective.

The philosophy of Samwondong is to achieve perfection in all four areas of being; perfection at physical body level, metaphysical mind level, fundamental soul level and the real life level.