Osteoporosis and six ki

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Osteoporosis and six ki

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It is by far the commonest metabolic bone disease. It is characterized by a diffuse reduction in the bone density due to decrease in the bone mass. It occurs when the rate of bone resorption exceeds the rate of bone formation.The three main mechanisms by which osteoporosis develops are an inadequate peak bone mass (the skeleton develops insufficient mass and strength during growth), excessive bone resorption, and inadequate formation of new bone during remodeling. An interplay of these three mechanisms underlies the development of fragile bone tissue.

 Hormonal factors strongly determine the rate of bone resorption; lack of estrogen (e.g. as a result of menopause) increases bone resorption, as well as decreasing the deposition of new bone that normally takes place in weight-bearing bones. 

Two Types: 


Results  from  decreased  bone  density  without  any  underlying disease. ·  Idiopathic:  seen  in  young  &  juveniles ·  Involutional  type:  seen  in  post  menopausal  women


 Occurs due to underlying  pathology  i.e  immobilisation,  anaemia, acromegaly,  hyperthyroidism,  starvation,  effect  of  medication  i.e anticonvulsant,  large  dose  of  aspirin 


  • senility
  • post-immobilization
  • post-menopausal
  • protein deficiency
  • inadequate intake i.e. old age or illness
  • malnutrition
  • mal-absorption
  • excess protein loss i.e. 3rd degree burn
  • endocrinal
  • drug induced i.e. long term steroid therapy

Asymptomatic unless complication occurs i.e. fracture due to fall or some trivial trauma.

About 30% of bone mass must be lost to become apparent on x-ray.

.neutron activation analysis
.bone biopsy


Sujok therapy:

Generally we find excessive  hotness, dryness and coldness. So best option is  tonify heat or humidity. 

Diet : .high protein diet if deficiency

.vitamin-d intake to increase calcium absorption from gut

Exercises: Weight bearing exercise is a major stimulus to bone formation and increased guarded activity would therefore be of benefit to the patient.

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