Correspondence system as a reflection of triorigin model

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Correspondence system as a reflection of triorigin model

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Prof. Park jae woo has given us many correspondence system and in later stage he has explained it on the basis of  Triorigin  theory. Prof  has  written many books on  different correspondence system. The classification  given below are collected from different books of Prof. Park jae woo.

The human body from the position of the triorigin model.
– The head is spirit  neuto which symbolises the source of all the spirit of existence.
– The neck is the zero world neuto
-The trunk is the real world  neuto
– In the four extremities _ arms & legs are hetero, hands &feet are homo,fingers &toes are neutro.

Each of these body areas has its own  correspondence system.

* The correspondence system of the HEAD

The head has many anatomic structure of round shapes- the eyes,ear,ear lobes,the temporal bones,the tip of the nose etc.This represent the round correspondence  system. 

These are special system that reflects the intension of the existence spirit to attain and preserve perfection.That is why these systems are different from the other and have great potential.
They are located on all anatomic structure that have round shape. For example on the palm, knee caps,mammary glands,ankels, finger cushion etc.

* The correspondence system of the Neck and Trunk
The correspondence system of the neck are connected  with the zero world neuto and the correspondence system of the trunk are formed under the influence of the real world neuto.  Neuto dwells on the border of the zero and real world and is the source of all forms of being, like  the stem correspondence  system are the source of all the perfect system.
On the neck the one -stem correspondence system  are found and on the trunk  the two -stem system.

* The correspondence system of the Extremities :
The correspondence system of the extremities have two varients: the front -back and the left -right system.
The front -back are formed on the frontal plane of the body.
The left – right system are formed with reference to the sagittal plane.
Both the front – back and left – right correspondence system can be individual(He) and unified (Ho).

The United  correspondence system can be closed(Ho) and open(He) type.

1. Arm & Leg correspondence system( He).
The four extremities going out of the trunk reflect the hetero stage of the formation of the embryo. In this system Brain correspondence is explained in detail .

2. Hand & Feet correspondence system(Ho).
     The correspondence system of the hand and feet reflects the homo stage of the formation of the human body. .Among all parts of the body the hands have the maximum degree of similarity to the body.
There are  four kinds of the perfect system of correspondence of hand& feet to the body.
a) The standard  correspondence  system( He).
b) The Yoga correspondence system(Ho)

      ( Type1&Type2)
c) The side correspondence system  (Four varient)(Ne)
d) The stem correspondence system(Four types )(No)

3.The Finger & Toes correspondence system (Ne).

 The Finger &Toes are the most developed and perfect part of the body (Ne)

  There are four types of the Finger&Toes correspondence system of the body.

a) Bowling pin system

b) Insect system

c) Root system 

d)Mini system 

Therefore using the Triorigin  approach to classification of the correspondence system  we can understand the various correspondence system. Understanding the principles of the organisation of the correspondence system permits to easily  orientate oneself in the great number of systems located on the different body parts and to select the most effective  system for treatment in each particular case.

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