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What exactly is Sujok therapy ?

Sujok Therapy is a healing methodology based on fundamental theories , and is a simple method that produces highly effective curative results. In Sujok therapy, Hands and Feet which represent the whole Human body are used for treating all the disease a human being gets . By providing stimulation for these points, a curative effect is produced and illnesses are cured.

Essentially, Sujok is an acupressure / acupuncture therapy that employs more advanced techniques and gadgets and methodology than conventional Acupressure. No precaution needs to taken for Sujok treatment and it is one of the safest therapies ever known. Sujok therapy is almost magical in nature with the unbelievable ability to cure and the course instructor calls it a ‘Magical Wand’ in the hands of a healer.

What does this Course Teach ?

This courses  will help in treating most difficult conditions which is conventionally difficult to treat. It also illustrates how to locate exact points for treatment, understand the working of different gadgets used in this method and learn the various treatment techniques. Apart from this, you study symptoms and causes of most common diseases, along with the corresponding points for treatment. There are lessons which explain you treatment formulae for various diseases related to all body systems as per the systems you study in this course.

Key Takeaways :

Sujok Healing is easy to learn and can be learnt by anyone.

Sujok is the most economical method of healing and is 100% safe with no side effects.

There are only a handful of instructors teaching Sujok Therapy and this is one of few courses offering comprehensive training for this therapy.

Chance to learn a magical therapy at an extremely low cost.

Thousands Of Professionals From All Walks Of Life,Across The Globe Already Learnt Sujok Therapy and effectively use it for their kith and kin &their patients.