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Constitutional treatment in sujok therapy

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In Sujok therapy through constitutional treatment, we treat not only the disease, but the patient as a whole. If constitution is not known , then better to treat through axial relation. Energy constitution gives information about the strong and weak energies of an individual, and general amount of energies present in chakras and meridians of that person. Constitution of healthy person has some energies excess and some energies deficient but all the energies are within the margin of norm. In case of diseased constitution, the energies are either very low, or very high, and away from the margin of norm. A healthy constitution has flexibility of energy, whereas a diseased person has lost that ability to come back to normal range of energies, by self-harmonizing process. Before physical manifestation, rigidity of constitution appears at mental and emotional levels by very strong likes and dislikes.
Constitutional treatment does not change the whole constitution, but gives some flexibility to energies (diseased) so that they can stay within the normal range. Constitution of a healthy person is difficult to diagnose, because everything is in moderate range and adjusting within the margin of norm.

Pathological energies are easy to diagnose.
Congenital constitution is present by birth, it is influenced by parents, energy of time, space and time of conception. Acquired constitution occurs after birth because a person goes through various changes in time, space and energies throughout lifetime. If somebody is born with excess or deficient energy, then that energy has a tendency to create some problem throughout the life. Acquired or current constitution is of most importance, when the patient comes for treatment.

In five elements we hv 10 axis but in six ki we hv 15 axis( 10 five elements axis and 5 axis of each element with hotness energy ).
If we add brightness and Darkness it will make 28 axis.
In Five elements unit constitution is 10 ( 5 excessive +5 deficiency )

In six ki unit constitution is of 26 types.
1) Symmetrical constitution – 8 types (vertical axis – 2+ Sagittal axis -2+ Frontal axis- 2+ internal- external homo -hetero – 2 types)
2) Cross linked constitution – 12types
3) Constitution of unification of 4 energies – 6 types.

Sometimes patients move from one symmetrical constitution to other through cross linked constitution. Symmetrical constitution are most stable . symmetrical constitution has one of the axis as main axis
1. III-VI(Vertical axis )
2. I-IV (Sagittal axis)
3. II-V ( Frontal axis)

Symmetrical constitution is of two types.
1. unified
2. individual

We use to have both unified and individual constitution. We have to decide our treatment on the basis of dominant energy. If patient has dominant energy on unit level then we hv to treat on unit constitution and if patient has dominant energy on individual level then we hv to use individual constitution. To become good therapist we should try to find both constitution of the patient.

Vertical axis dominates when patient has good height, especially if excessive, during period of growth. But any axis may change with time. Vertical axis dominant during wind and heat period may remain no longer dominant at later age, even if person is tall by height. Vertical axis dominate during daytime ( 10am – 6 pm). If disease aggravates during this time, then may be vertical axis is dominant. Every organism receives brightness from brightness chakra above sahasrara, and darkness energy from darkness chakra below kundalini. This creates a vertical ( spiritual) axis for anyone residing b/w heaven and earth. This spiritual axis gives support to any axis which coincides ( overlaps) with it. Whenever we are in standing or sitting position, additional energy comes to the III-VI axis, therefore symptoms may aggravate. For fast development of children and giving energy to nervous system, babies should be held in vertical position more often, especially helpful in case of retarded children. Summer time activates vertical axis. People of vertical axis may be active during this season.

Sagittal axis: If this axis dominates then growing of belly, buttocks will manifest in the body. This axis activates during pregnancy, because new wind starts and embryo grows in amniotic fluid (humidity). Then lactation occurs. Lying down position, either on belly or on spine can aggravate any existing symptoms, because this axis overlap with VII-VIII axis. Sagittal axis gets activated during winter, therefore lots of hibernation occurs. Sagittal axis is active during night (10pm-6am).

Frontal axis can be recognized by broad shoulder, wide face, eyes apart from each other, short fingers, hypersthetic structure. Lying on either side activates frontal axis, because it then overlaps with VII-VIII axis. Spring and autumn can aggravate frontal axis. Morning (6am-10am) and evening (6pm-10pm) is time for frontal axis.

On unit level Constitution can be of excessiveness or of deficiency.
Constitution can be of excessiveness if patient has enough energy and can be of deficiency if patient has less energy. Excessive constitution begins with sedation and deficient with tonification of dominant or deficiency energy.

When vertical axis is dominant, frontal axis becomes supplementary axis, and saggital axis is absent, therefore problems related to back and front are more often because the harmonizing axis is not there.

when frontal axis dominant, sagittal axis becomes supplementary. Here vertical axis is absent. In this case, patient suffers from diseases above and below the diaphragm e.g. cerebral palsy. Energy imbalance in the III-IV axis.

When sagittal axis is dominant, vertical axis becomes supplementary axis, and frontal axis is missing. This leads to energy imbalance in left-right body parts, since axis of symmetry is not there.

On individual level constitution can be either of ah or um type . It is observed that females are more UM in constitution, whereas, males are more AH in constitution. Anyways, if the patient has more AH energy in general then treatment should begin with either sedation of AH energy or tonification of UM energy. If the patient has more UM energy then treatment should begin with either tonification of AH energy or sedation of UM energy. It is better to begin treatment with AH energies and allow UM to follow.

One more type of symmetrical constitution is Ho-He internal-external type. Here the main axis of energy is between brightness and darkness. Solar chakra, like sun has darkness at nucleus and brightness part sends rays in all direction. Skin pores are physical manifestation of the way brightness penetrates our body. In this type of constitution, diseases of internal body, manifests itself on outer body (psoriasis). Even external energy like coldness easily enters our body through various openings and like Ho, sticky molecules gets attached to internal body parts like bones. When we sweat a lot through physical activities or sauna, then these Ho particles, leave our internal body through skin pores.

I have discussed here only about symmetrical constitution in six ki.

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Frozen Shoulder

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The term “frozen shoulder” is often used injudiciously for any painful condition of the shoulder. However, there are two known entities which must be differentiated and a proper diagnosis should be made. These conditions are:
. Painful shoulder
. Adhesive Capsuilitis or Periarthritis shoulder
Codman introduced the term “frozen shoulder” in 1934 to describe patients who had a painful loss of shoulder motion with normal radiographic studies. In 1946 Neviaser named the condition “adhesive capsulitis” based on the radiographic appearance with arthrography, which suggested “adhesions” of the capsule of the Glenohumoral joint limiting overall joint space volume.

*Any condition, around the shoulder that cause pain and limitation of the movement.
*No true contracture of the capsule of the shoulder joint.
*Various conditions include tendinitis of the rotator cuff, sprain and tears of the rotator cuff, bicipital tenosynovitis of the shoulder.
*Limitation of movement which is more due to pain rather than due to capsular contracture.
Inflammation of the capsule and synovial membrane of shoulder joint leading to adhesion formation.

* Age between 40-60 years.
* Higher incidence in females.
* Exact cause is often not identifiable but may be associated with- . Prolonged immobilization
. Trauma (strain or contusion)
. Surgical trauma especially breast or chest wall procedure
. Associated with medical condition such as diabetes, hyperthyroidism, ischemic heart disease, inflammatory arthritis and cervical spondylosis.

*Inflammation changes take place in the capsule and synovial membrane.
*Accumulation of exudates within the capsule.
*Adhesion form within this exudates.
*Inflammatory changes may spread to other periarticular structures.

Adhesive capsulitis is classically characterized by 3 stages.
1. Freezing phase (3-6 months):
*Onset of an aching pain in the shoulder.
*Pain is usually more severe at night and with activities.
*A sense of discomfort radiates down the arm.
*Specific traumatic event is difficult for the patient to recall.
*As symptoms progress, most patient position the arm in adduction and internal rotation.
*Many of these patients are initially treated with immobilization which only worsens the freezing phase.
2. Progressive stiffness or frozen phase
(3-18 months):
*Pain at rest usually diminishes.
*Restricted motion in all planes.
*Activities of daily routine become severely restricted.
*Patient complains about their inability to reach into the back pocket, fasten the bra, comb or wash the hairs etc.
3. Resolution or thawing phase:
A slow recovery of motions.

*Careful history and physical examination.
*A global loss of active and passive range of motion.
*Loss of external rotation with arm at the patient’s side is hallmark of this condition.

Self-limiting process, can be severely disabling for months to years. Aggressive treatment requires once diagnosis is made.

1. Physical therapy:

Mobilization techniques, stretching and strengthening exercises.

2. Sujok therapy:

First of all we need to diagnose the affected meridian. In simple cases generally any one meridian among Lungs, Large intestine , Spinal cord and Small intestine is affected. In some cases more than one meridian is also affected. Generally we need to treat on the affected side .

Next we have to diagnose the excessive energy which is causing the problem. It can be humidity (heaviness), dryness( sever pain) or coldness(unbearable pain). Depending on the symptoms we have to harmonise the energy in that meridian.

We can combine the advance renting techniques to reach the affected joint and harmonies the energy. For example if Left shoulder joint is affected then treat on wind of ah wind .

Sometimes we need to combine triorigin treatment also.

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Treat Facial palsy by sujok Therapy

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This is a condition in which there is a lesion of the facial nerve and resultant paralysis in the muscles that it supplies.
The main muscles affected are:   Occipitofrontalis,Orbicularis oculi,Corrugator and procerus,Zygomaticus major and minor,levator anguli oris,levator labii superioris,Buccinator,Orbicularis oris, Risorious,Depressor anguli oris and depressor labii inferioris and mentalis.

The cause is unknown.It can occur at any age and is not gender specific.

This is often sudden.The patient may have a history of earache or of having been in a draught.Often the patient wakes up with the paralysis,having been perfectly normal the night before.

The facial nerve becomea swollen and hyperamic within the facial canal,in which there is limited space.The nerve rapidly becomes compressed and conductivity is lost

1.Loss of facial expression
2.Drooping of the lower eyelid,eyebrow and corner of      the mouth sag
3.Closing of eye is difficult
4.Eating is difficult because food collects in the side of   the cheek and fluids seep out of the corner of mouth
5.Speaking,whistling and drinking are impaired
6.non-verbal communication is lost as the patient cannot register pleasure,laughter,surprise,interest and worry.

1.Zone Sujok ki – V1 or V7
Immediate effect is seen in the movement of eye lid
2. Six ki- St meridian covers most parts of the face and as per six ki classification of 12 cranial nerves  Facial nerve comes under Ah humidity. So we selected St meridian for treatment. Paralysis is due to excessive coldness energy. So treatment given was coldness sedation hotness tonification in St meridian.

1.Mr R.Karniwal age 74 yrs was suffering from Rt side facial palsy from 3 weeks. With in less than 30 sec improvement was seen in movement of eye lid by applying magnet in V7. Patient was advised to apply magnet daily for 2 hrs.Six ki treatment was given on alternative days. In 8 sitting patient was 100% cured.

2. Master Md Aslam age 11 yrs was suffering from left side facial palsy frm 1 week. In this case also immediate effect was seen in the movement of eye lid by applying magnet on V1. Same six ki treatment was given and we got 90% results in just 4 sitting.

3. Mr Ranjit Mondal age 23yrs was suffering from left side facial palsy frm 6 months due to multiple infracts in brain. Same treatment was given and in 15 sitting patient was 100% cured.

Smile thanks to Prof Park for developing a wonderful therapy.

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Skin disease (Verruca vulgaris )

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I hv treated this case with the help of six ki and triorigin theory. One of my physiotherapist friend was suffering from this problem and he had tried allopathic and homeopathy. But there was no result. I got 100% result in two months. 

Before treatment

Treatment given- 

Six ki- Dryness and coldness sedation in Li

Triorigin treatment- 
As the problem was on foot area so I selected neuto structure system Body- structure system- Neuto structure system( No finger)- hand and foot is homo so homo jt- problem is only in foot so neuto( neuto point) again neuto finger open – skin problem so hetero jt- hetero sedation homo tonification neutro tonify neuto rent.

After treatment

I hv treated  many cases of  warts of different areas by local triorigin .In all cases 100% result was achieved. Smile thanks to Prof Park for developing such a wonderful therapy.

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